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HAES Australia Position Statements

Weight Neutral Care (a foundation document that defines a Health at Every Size approach and can be used by practitioners and consumers of health care to advocate for weight neutral care)

'Obesity' and Eating Disorders (defines the screening, assessment and treatment of eating disorders from a size acceptance framework)

(if you have a need for, or an idea about a potential position statement, please contact us HAESAustralia@gmail.com)

HAES Clinical and Business Tools

HAES Australia Marketing Guide (guide to writing weight neutral marketing materials)

Consent for 'Weight Management' Strategy (decisional aid for eliciting informed consent for clients with weight concern)

Training Materials

If you provide training in HAES informed approaches for medical, health, fitness and counselling professionals and would like your services listed, please contact us HAESAustralia@gmail.com. 

HAES Curriculum (produced by the Association for Size Diversity and Health, ASDAH)

Health, Not Diets (training and workshops in the Non-Diet Approach)

Unpacking Weight Science (online course and subscriber podcast)

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